About the QuaQua Test

Of course, you want to make sure that you will not have any technical problems at the time of the meeting or event. But how can you test this if the meeting has not started yet?

Do the QuaQua test!

With this advanced testing tool, you get immediate feedback on whether your setup is sufficient. The test will be to perform the following checks:

  • Server connection 
  • Realtime messaging service 
  • Media service 
  • Audio input and output test 
  • Test the quality of your webcam
  • Internet speed test for up and download

To make sure you will have a smooth and interactive QuaQua meeting, you need a green light for every topic. 

If you would need any help, you can send your test ID to support@quaquameeting.com. They will be able to support you in the best possible with the results at hand.